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Tax Accounting Services

Tax Planning

Plan for your taxes before you or your business is off the ground. Peter’s Accounting and Bookkeeping has the right, competent, and dedicated people to help you or your company work out confusing and often changing tax requirements and laws. With our expert tax planning services, you never have to worry about crunching numbers, balancing statements, or even figuring out if you are paying the right amount of taxes. Our experienced corporate accountants and financial advisers will take care of all your tax planning, preparation, and filing needs. Moreover, with professionals on your side you can be assured that you are meeting all government requirements when it comes to tax laws and even get the tax incentives/deductions due to you or your business.

Don’t let tax planning eat a huge chunk of your time when you could be focusing on growing your business. Let the accountants and financial advisers of Peter’s Accounting and Bookkeeping handle the job for you!

Company Structure

We'll help you decide what the best organization is for you. Even before you start your business endeavors, it’s important to know what is the best type of company organization/structure you should adapt in order to maximize not just your profits but also your business accountabilities and tax deductions/exemptions. At Peter’s Accounting and Bookkeeping, we have consultants who are always ready to advise you on the appropriate company structure for your business.

Whether you are starting out on your own, have several business partners, or just want to see how you can build a business on your hobby or passion, our expert accountants, financial advisers, and corporate planning consultants will help you know what documents to prepare, how to organize your staff, and secure everything that’s needed to start your business/company on the right track.


Peter’s Accounting and Bookkeeping will take care of your company’s full bookkeeping needs. Sometimes, a lot of small and medium business owners/operators want to do everything on their own either because they don’t trust other people to do a good job or they think hiring experts and professionals will cost them a lot of dollars. This is especially the practice when it comes to bookkeeping needs.

Business owners often just delegate the task to one of their employees thinking that they could save more or cut on costs. However, the company loses more in time and profits because that employee is not being used for his or her own expertise. There is also the risk of errors in bookkeeping when it’s not done by trained bookkeepers.

With Peter’s Accounting and Bookkeeping, we have the expert bookkeepers who will help your business efficiently and correctly record all business transactions such as purchases, sales, and receipts. We do all these at affordable rates, too!

Federal and Provincial Forms

If you need help with getting the proper Federal and Provincial Forms in order, we can help you apply for all the tax IDs and forms you need.  We also have services, staff, and know-how on what documents and forms you need when applying for different permits, licenses, and certifications for your business to be fully accredited and able to operate at your local city/area.

Next time you need to take care of forms, paper work, and other necessary documents for your business, call our office and one of our friendly staff will gladly assist you with your requirements.